Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Political Hypocrisy

One thing that I have learned to do very well as a libertarian is to identify the inconsistencies that are inherent to politics. The entire system is organized to support the people who are in power. To accomplish this objective the elite need the masses to support ideas that actually do not make any sense. In this post I want to give several examples that point out the hypocrisy of common political positions. Not every example will apply to every person but I hope that, after reading this, everyone will put a little more thought into the ideas that they hold concerning government.

Position: We need the state to protect the rights of everyone.
Hypocrisy: The state needs to collect taxes from everyone whether they like it or not.

Position: I am for limited government.

Hypocrisy: We need a big military so we can keep all the other countries in line. After we finish a war in any given country, we need to stay in that country forever so bad guys do not take power. The border patrol also needs to be big so we can keep people out.

Position: I am pro-choice. Nobody can decide what is best for someone else's body.

Hypocrisy: All children should be required to attend a state-approved school.

Position: I am pro-life. Killing an unborn child out of convenience is evil.

Hypocrisy: As we wage war in other countries and bomb terrorists with drones, it is inconvenient to completely avoid collateral damage. Some innocent people will die.

Position: Workers need a fair wage.

Hypocrisy: Which store has the lowest prices on the things that I want?

Position: If you are not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide from the NSA.

Hypocrisy: I have not studied nor do I understand the 4,500 federal crimes that are in the US code or the 300,000 federal rules that are used to interpret those federal crimes.

Position: Guns are dangerous and should be banned.

Hypocrisy: Only one monopoly organization (the state) that is accountable only to itself should own all the guns.

Position: Violence is only justified if it is in self defense.

Hypocrisy: People who do not pay their taxes should go to jail.

Position: In our constitutional republic, we are the government. It represents us.

Hypocrisy: My representative in congress represents me...and 710,766 other people who all have different views on government...and the elite people and corporations that donated to his campaign.

Position: We need to keep our military out of foreign nations. Imperialism is evil and it just wastes lives and costs more money than we have.

Hypocrisy: This time is different and we need to intervene in Iraq for the following reasons...

Position: We need the state to build the roads.

Hypocrisy: Our roads are riddled with potholes and need to be fixed, our infrastructure is insufficient, and I hate being stuck in rush-hour traffic!

Position: A free and competitive market ensures that supply can eventually meet demand. Socialism removes important economic incentives and, therefore, always results in shortages.

Hypocrisy: People should not be allowed to sell their blood or organs because then only the elite would be able to afford them. Also, only the state can operate in the road and water markets.

Position: The FDA exists to protect us from harmful things.

Hypocrisy: Why don't all these medical advancements I keep reading about in the news ever come to market? Lives might be saved if these companies and researchers would just hurry up.

Position: All politicians are lying scumbags!

Hypocrisy: Make sure you vote in this election!

Position: The state needs to make sure that no company ever gets a monopoly in any industry.

Hypocrisy: The state needs to have a monopoly on law and the use of violence.

Position: The state becomes very oppressive and invasive when water rationing is practiced during a drought. This has to stop.

Hypocrisy: You cannot have a free market for water sources. The state has to manage it in order to protect the supply.

Position: We need innovation in education.
Hypocrisy: The state needs to create standards and figure out what is best for the education of our children.

Position: I want to do everything I can to end abortion.

Hypocrisy: A free market for selling babies should be illegal. Children should never be sold to adoptive parents. Children have to be given away for free even though the adoptive parents still have to pay a lot of money to the state.

Position: Secession cannot be allowed. The North was justified in forcing the South to stay in the Union.

Hypocrisy: I celebrate independence from Great Britain every July 4th.

Position: I want to keep more of what I earn.

Hypocrisy: The Federal Reserve provides stability to our economy.

Position: The free market exists to serve others and needs no regulation.

Hypocrisy: Marijuana, prostitution, and open borders (among other things I find morally reprehensible) are ultimately destructive and should be outlawed.

Position: The state should not make decisions in people's lives. Everyone should be able to take whatever drugs they want, immigrate wherever they want, and make whatever peaceful choices they want.

Hypocrisy: Capitalism results in economic inequality and the state should regulate the economy to make it fair.

Position: Your natural rights come from God.

Hypocrisy: If you love freedom, thank a soldier.

Position: People cannot delegate powers to the state that they do not themselves possess.

Hypocrisy: I want to the state to collect taxes from everybody.

Position: People are not responsible enough to have pure freedom.

Hypocrisy: We need to elect specific people (who are not particularly moral or good people and are actually quite the opposite) that will be responsible for everyone.

Position: If I were alive before the Civil War, I would have worked tirelessly to free the slaves.

Hypocrisy: If you libertarians want to be so free, why don't you just leave America?

Position: Anarchy would never work. It would be chaos.

Hypocrisy: Today I got out of bed, showered, got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, went to work, interacted with coworkers civilly, used the internet to learn interesting things about the world, ate lunch, filled my car up with gas, bought the things I need at the store, came home, ate dinner, spent time with my family, paid my bills, donated to charity, hung out with friends, watched TV, and went to bed, all without anybody telling me what to do. I did all this without even killing a single person and at no point did I refrain from killing anyone because of something a politician said.

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