Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Technology is Liberty, Part VI: What Comes Next?

Let us go over the first five parts of this blog series for a moment. We know that, to increase our personal liberty, we must have more choices that cannot be interfered with. We know that technology will help us do that. We have seen examples of such liberty-enhancing technology throughout history. We are currently in the midst of a decentralized technological revolution as we learn to use the internet, peer-to-peer networking, and Bitcoin. What comes next?

A completely decentralized world is a world without institutionalized violence, because institutionalized violence will be impossible without central authorities. After the state and all its coercive power has been eliminated from society, wealth creation will proceed at a rate never before experienced in the history of the world. When we are free to engage in any peaceful activity of our choosing, people will be able to serve others through the market process in remarkable ways. 

Imagine the diseases we will cure. Perhaps by the time you reach 100, you will feel like today's 60-year-olds. Imagine the technology we will have. Your grandchild's first house might start as a genetically-engineered seed that can grow rapidly in a preprogrammed way. Imagine the places we will go. For all we know, the first Martian is already in his twenties. And who knows? Maybe the first person to see another star up-close has already been born. 

Because humans will never run out of wants or needs, there is literally an infinite capacity for wealth creation. As long as violent institutions exist, we will be kept from realizing even a fraction of our potential. I want to progress. Therefore, I will embrace new tools and use them for good. I will promote all things that will free the oppressed to any degree. I will support the decentralized technological revolution because, after all, technology is liberty.

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  1. "After the state ... has been eliminated from society ..."
    Sounds like a great opportunity for the next Joe Bonanno.

    1. There is approximately zero difference between the mafia and the state. Both presume to rule the people inside a certain geographic area. Therefore, a society where a “Joe Bonanno” can have power is not, by definition, an anarchistic society.