Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Football is More Important than Politics

Before I became a libertarian I was completely obsessed with politics. The Drudge Report was pretty much the most important website in the world for many years. I needed to know what was going on in the political world. I needed to know all the rotten things the democrats were doing and how the heroic republicans were going to stop it. I needed to share every little story with everyone in the world. They needed to know!

Things have changed. I learned about the non-aggression principle. I became a libertarian and eventually an anarchist. Suddenly politics were not so confrontational and scary. Suddenly I could have rational conversations with people without feeling the impulse to attack liberalism at every turn. Eventually politics took a back seat to more important issues. For a time I believed that I needed to tell everyone that the state is humanity's worse enemy. While I still believe that people need to know, I understand that it is not necessarily my place to persuade them. I began to think about my actual (and fairly limited) sphere of influence. How can I apply anarchy in my own life? How can I help my friends and family? How can I promote technology and new voluntary systems to replace the old violent institutions?

My thoughts are now more focused on practical solutions. And of course there is always room for entertainment. For example, I love college football. A while back I might have criticized people for being obsessed with sports instead of engaging with politics. That is no longer the case. I applaud people for not being obsessed with the most violent organization on the planet. Such an organization deserves no respect and we would all be better off if everyone just completely ignored it. In fact, once voluntary and peaceful systems start to replace the brutal and homicidal institutions of the state, it will be the politically unaware who will save the day. Those who are disengaged from politics will welcome the peaceful revolution because their (sometimes unconscious) need for a system of private property rights will be satisfied.

On the other hand there are the people who are completely obsessed with politics. Like me in previous years, they follow every story and obsess over every political scandal. Those people, at least at first, will probably resist the widespread transition to voluntary association. Their demand for a coercive power structure might override their rational thoughts. But thank heavens for the politically ignorant. They will not follow the apostles of statism because they will see clearly that the archaic traditions of old do not serve their best interests. Do not feel bad if you do not pay attention to politics and do not criticize others who are disconnected from the power struggles of our day. Football, after all, is more important.

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