Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Prince of Peace

It is Christmas time and the best time of year to focus on the wonderful miracle that was Jesus' birth and His subsequent life. His perfect example throughout his mortal sojourn serves as the absolute best template that we can use to try to improve our lives. His Gospel is love. Everything He does is done out of love. He is loveJesus is the Prince of Peace and I believe that we need to be more like Him. How can we do that when we live in a time that is vastly different from the one He was in? I believe it is fairly easy to know what He would and would not do in today's world if we simply imagine Him living with us in our time.

Jesus would never force anyone to do anything against their will.* His Gospel is voluntary. He would let people do whatever they wished with their own property and let them conduct business however they pleased. I cannot imagine that Jesus would ever vote for anyone who pretended to have authority over the people. During His time on Earth Jesus completely disregarded Israel's political leaders and their demands to the point where He was actually a fugitive from the law. Indeed, He spent an awful amount of time condemning those in the political establishment for their extreme hypocrisy. I cannot picture Jesus arresting anyone for any nonviolent activity. He certainly had no trouble letting someone go free who was accused of doing something so offensive to the sensibilities of the time as to warrant a death sentence. Jesus would never support endless foreign interventions that destroy so many lives. In fact, at that time the people of Israel were themselves victims of foreign intervention by the world's only superpower. And finally, Jesus would most certainly not support the use of torture in order to extract intelligence from individuals with a dubious connection to terrorism. In short, Jesus would not support today's status quo.

Let us all be more Christlike and peaceful this Christmas season by taking a close look at the policies we support and viewing them through the lens of the teachings and example of the Prince of Peace.

*Jesus' only violent outburst was when He was driving merchants out of the temple. It can be argued that, since the temple was His house, Jesus was simply exercising His property rights.

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