Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What is the State?

The state is the belief that people are too stupid to know what they want.

The state is the embodiment of the belief that liberty is too dangerous for individuals to enjoy.

The state is a gang that offers "protection" to those who pay up but threatens those who do not.

The state is the source of violent interventions that cause never-ending unintended consequences.

The state is the primary cause of non-natural deaths.

The state is a religion with its own idols (flags), chants (pledge of allegiance), sacraments (voting), high priests (politicians), rituals (war), scriptures (the constitution), priesthood (political authority and legislation), patron saints (dead presidents), and tithes (taxes).

The state is the de facto owner of all land as everyone with real estate is required to pay property taxes (i.e. rent) to the state.

The state is the manifestation of the belief that might makes right.

The state is the antithesis to the free market as it uses violence to override what would otherwise happen in voluntary economic exchanges.

The state is the opponent of liberty-enhancing technology.

The state is fueled by the politics of fear, hatred, and violence.

The state is an endless labyrinth of regulations and bureaucratic nightmares that no single individual could ever hope to understand well enough to reform.

The state is the cause of economic turmoil through monetary policy and interest rate manipulation.

The state is a very large club but membership is mandatory and defection is punishable by death.

The state is the illusion that some people have the moral right to rule others.

The state is theoretically the only beneficiary of complete and total consent from the entire population as its proponents argue that voting for its policies is consent, voting against its policies is consent (because the voter took part in the process), and not voting is consent (because the nonvoter had the chance to vote).

The state is the embodiment of the belief that morality can be changed by legislation.

The state is the promise of an ever-increasing amount of laws to use as a weapon against the targets of its choice.

The state is a parasite that creates nothing of value and can only survive by stealing resources from its host.

The state is the primary agitator for war as it does not bear any of the costs of war but reaps all the benefits that come with wartime power.

The state is the only institution on Earth that is expected to initiate violent encounters with peaceful individuals.

The state is the belief that violence can improve the human condition.

The state is a merciless ruler determined to eradicate the will of the individual in order to exert total control over every aspect of society.

The state is the counterfeit of the spontaneous order that arises when individuals voluntarily coordinate among themselves in order to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

The state is the fictional agent of the imaginary "social contract" that everyone supposedly signed in order to create an all-powerful enforcer of the "common good".

The state is a paradox in that humans are deemed too flawed to rule themselves and therefore must be ruled by other humans.

The state is the only entity that organizes, judges, and presides over trials to which the state itself is a party.

The state is the end result of the belief that the majority has the right to overrule the peaceful desires of the smallest minority - the individual.

The state is the source of power for many vested interests and those interests will never voluntarily give up their power.

The state is the only organization that does not have to rely on economic calculation as it does not have to make a profit since it simply steals what it needs.

The state is the only organization with a monopoly on violence in a world where monopolies in any industry are generally frowned upon.

The state is the guarantee that public education will always be terrible since the state has no incentive to have an intelligent citizenry.

The state is a large and violent machine that people long-dead turned on ages ago and few people know how to turn it off.

The state is the admission that it is legitimate to socialize violence.

The state is a disease masquerading as its own cure.

The state is control.

The state is tyranny.

The state is evil.


  1. The state is a consuming good.

  2. The state is a nightmare from which we can't wake up.